The attitude toward being responsible

“I want to make an observation that an awful lot of you do not seem to hold, what I think is one of the most important attitudes in this work - the sense of responsibility that we have for our own life. There is still the attitude that it’s a terrible world and I’m a miserable mortal and I’m badly done by. It is a terrible world and we obviously are mortal but we’ve got the power within us, especially with Metamorphosis, to put things right, and if we can put things right as far as we’re concerned then the world benefits, doesn’t it? But if you find it’s all gloom and disaster and you say: “Oh woe is me” – you don’t have to, no – and this is happening quite a bit. And sometimes you get appalling results as this lady found here with her waterworks. It is to do with disaster and we do get into a lot of trouble. I got into a lot of trouble with just this clock, always being slow, consistently, until I changed myself. And when I changed myself the clock said: “Oh well! I might as well be…” and it put itself right. In other words, always look to yourself for reasons. And this applies between you and your partners, your spouses, your whoever it may be, and other people, your boss, your employees and all the rest of it. And never say “Oh that person’s terrible”. Take the responsibility for yourself because if you alter yourself within you will create a different impression. If you are very afferent you are bound to attract a bit of obnoxiousness in a boss or in somebody else who is rather more efferent. It happens that way. They don’t want to, they don’t try to do it, it just happens that way and the afferent person bears the brunt of it all. Therefore, don’t say: “He’s a so and so”, just decide to adjust yourself. Don’t wonder how you should do it. Just get on with it; something. I mean this creation hand symbol does the trick, just for a thing like that. And then there won’t be any problems. The Creation Hand Symbol is very useful because it tackles things from an afferent point of view and if you are rather efferent as some people tend to be from time to time because life mucks them around, they tackle their own Afference with the creation hand symbol and their Afference then tackles their Efference, so that it’s up to them to put it right. And it may be a horrid world but it’s…You see what I mean?” Robert St John ©

Due to current restrictions the Dublin and Drogheda Metamorphosis meetings have been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.
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