Using structure to go beyond structure.

GUIDELINES to the practice of METAMORPHOSIS as developed by Robert St John.



Hand Symbols can be done any time for as short or as long and as often as you like.

Metamorphosis Ireland

Conception Points
(Middlefingers and thumbs of opposite hands touching) 
Physical reality begins at conception, this symbol attunes us in to this moment, when all our genetic and karmic patterns enter just one cell.

Metamorphosis Ireland

Tipped Fingers
(Tips of fingers touching) 
This is a symbol for the pituitary. Its function is to embody and interpret our influences in the form of “thought”: the inherited picture of the past generations of the physical and mental circumstances into which this new life begins.

Metamorphosis Ireland

Crossed Fingers
(Fingers crossed at right angles) 
This symbol is for the pineal which is quite abstract, it is an ‘experience’ for which there is no structure or thought pattern, karma approaches this life through the pineal. and the genetic pattern through the genes.

Metamorphosis Ireland

Cupped Hands
(One hand cupped over the other) 
The Efferent pattern “arrives “ with the body which means the genes ; these genes, having been subject to the karmic patterns through all generations, “introduces” the karmic structure from the genetic point of view at conception. The cupped hands theme is all the karma of all time, which has pertinence to this new life.

Metamorphosis Ireland

The Spire 
(The index fingers pointing forward and the thumbs touching)
This effects contact with the ‘Thought Patterns of Time and Space’ to which the subject has attachment, this pattern starts at the beginning of ‘time’ in this planet and leads up the present time; we can undo or unhook from the trauma these patterns have on us.

Metamorphosis Ireland

Creation Hand Symbol 
(Hands parallel but not touching)
Acts as a polariser. Afference & Efference are the two elements creating the energy of oneness, essential to each other for true balance Afference has no action of its own but in relationship with Efference it creates action, induces an equality of values between them. Which in turn or by doing so effects change in their relationship and creates healing.

Metamorphosis Ireland

Creation Hand Symbol II
(Hands clasped to-gether) 
This hand symbol represents the state of Oneness, a state of non - duality, where Afference & Efference have no reality at all. It brings our inner attention to the possibility of this, attunes us to it.


Metamorphosis Ireland

Touch the spinal reflex (bony ridge) along the inside of both feet for just a few moments or longer – a guideline would be to do this weekly. Motive is a key factor but that will be discussed later.



Touch the spinal reflex (bony ridge) along the outside of both thumbs daily if you wish.

metamorphosis ireland

metamorphosis ireland


Touch points from hairline in front along the centre of the head back to the nape of the neck again daily is a guideline.



The spine may be done in place of the feet. Touch the spinal column from base of skull (1st cervical vertebrae) to tip if spine (coccyx) for just a few moments or longer – a guideline would be to do this weekly. 


When we direct attention through our fingers towards a reflex point, we pay attention to ones inner ability to “view” in the moment.  This attention brings consciousness and matter into balance (these elements are referred to as Afference and Efference in Metamorphosis and can be discussed later).


The practice enables us to create balance and as this balance is created from our inner Consciousness change is inevitable. We do not need to analyse or understand Metamorphosis change happens naturally and spontaneously. 


For fundamental change to take place balance is essential. Reconciliation between the essential elements (consciousness and matter or Afference and Efference) creates an equality of values thus healing. 


Probably the most important aspect of this work is that we are not treating the condition or symptom, but the person themselves.  If we treat the condition we are treating a symptom, and a symptom is something that happens because the primary state (unconscious attitude of mind) is, in one way or another, blocked.  When one creates balance, the continuity of the flow of life is freed, releasing the natural vitality, which is nature's immunity to illness. It is also nature's way of overcoming imbalance, disturbance and or abnormality. 


Due to current restrictions the Dublin and Drogheda Metamorphosis meetings have been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.
Metamorphosis Discussion Meeting: Dublin City Centre
Venue: Central Hotel, Exchequer St, Dublin City
Date: Sunday 19th Apr 2020
Time: 12 - 3pm
Cost: The cover charge for the room is shared by participants

Contact: Paula O’Connor 0872722147 for further information


Metamorphosis Discussion Group -Drogheda Co. Louth.

Venue: Westcourt Hotel

Date:    Sunday 31st May 2020

Time:   11am - 2pm

Cost:     The cover charge for the room will be shared by participants

Contact: Kathleen Naughton 0871271612 Ann Crinion 0876792410