Referring to CONCEPTION Robert St John wrote the following: Quote: “We are concerned with two things here, with the presence of the stresses in the genes and the potential karma on the one hand, and with the arrival of consciousness on the other. The presence of this stress provides an influence, which is contrary to the nature of consciousness. Consciousness is absolute in its nature and stress is far from absolute.


The attitude toward being responsible


The moment of conception is the true beginning of the life of the subject. It is also the beginning of Time for that person. In the realm of the "Thought Patterns of Time and Space" there is no time, as we understand it; it is a thought structure and has no physical reality. Physical reality begins at conception; the sense of Space and Time also begins here. Time and Space cease to exist in as much as Afference and Efference are separate; when they are one, Time and Space cease to exist for the subject - all is just the moment.


Deep within us is a centre, a nucleus, from which we have the potential of complete and absolute intelligence and functional ability.   This nucleus is the individual consciousness that gave us independent life from our mother at the moment of conception.
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Due to current restrictions the Dublin and Drogheda Metamorphosis meetings have been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.
Metamorphosis Discussion Meeting: Dublin City Centre
Venue: Central Hotel, Exchequer St, Dublin City
Date: Sunday 19th Apr 2020
Time: 12 - 3pm
Cost: The cover charge for the room is shared by participants

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Metamorphosis Discussion Group -Drogheda Co. Louth.

Venue: Westcourt Hotel

Date:    Sunday 31st May 2020

Time:   11am - 2pm

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