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 Oct 2020

The overbearing necessity to forever reach forward into the future even in very small moments minute by minute reveals a state of anxiety and a lack of confidence of what is in the present moment.

RSJ  Notes

Sept 2020

If you have an Afferent ability you can get an idea of creation because that's actually what we're moving towards in life now, very rapidly too, and this is why there is so much trouble in the world just now.....creation is gradually becoming the way in which we've got to learn to live if we're going to survive.  We can't describe it, we have to be it and in being it we have to know something within ourselves, which our mind is not capable of knowing.  It is more than an act of faith....

RSJ   Irish Journal no. 49 p10


Aug 2020

If you look at what's going on today, Afference is very definitely back in position again.  The Efferent structure is learning to be a responding mechanism, a responder to the Afferent mechanism.

.....can you see what we need to face up to within ourselves, in our everyday life, what Metamorphosis can enable us to do, to approach this theme because we'll create the theme when we're ready to cope with it but not before, it won't happen before we're ready for it because it's something of our own creation.  The prophecy is anything from 2012 to 2020....
RSJ   Irish Journal  Issue 43 p26, 27


 July 2020

Never accept anything as dogma.  Allow the inner sense of knowledge to come forward in time and realise the answers for yourself.

RSJ   Metamorphosis: A Textbook on Prenatal Therapy, Introduction p5


June 2020

You are the divine consciousness in this Aquarian pattern and it's not the hierarchy.  You are au fait with the circumstances you're in and around you and you're actually creating the situation. 

The whole purpose of life these days is that you find the guidance within yourelf, nothing else.                 

RSJ   Irish Journal issue 69  p10 & 15


May 2020

I think that we are creating conditions which... we're assuming the responsibility of the chaos of this planet and I think we're scoring.

 I think we're leading towards a real creative healing crisis.  Mind you, a healing crisis as it is, means the end of Efferent behaviour, the end of capitalism, the end of imperialism, the end of over-populating, the end of using money to create money and so on.... I think we are succeeding with things on this planet.
You're getting rid of the principle of using symptoms as an avoidance of responsibility, that's all.
Consciousness is seeing creatively; creatively means the ability to create, quite literally. 
RSJ    Quotes from The Irish Journal issue 62


 Apr 2020

I don't think it's going to be utter and complete doom and disaster and complete collapse and complete poverty and complete all that sort of thing.  I think we're going to move into a much more serene pattern of life but we've got to do something about it, that's what Metamorphosis is for, to introduce an ability to be our own creator, to be responsible for everything.  Don't rush to the hospital every time you cut your finger, you just suck it and see ....

 RSJ   Irish Journal issue 56 p8


March 2020

“Creation is to produce something that has never existed before; it is unique; and it is only possible to be created by means of Consciousness…” 



Feb 2020

To bring light (Afference) into Efference, activates and stirs up all that is in the particular situation.  Rather, work with the principle of allowing another response in Efference, by paying attention to the moment that is happening and consciously letting a creative outcome to the particular issue or situation.

RSJ Notes


Jan 2020

"The reason for there being no future is that one is now living in the moment.  One can certainly remember the past, but the future is something that one creates." 

RSJ    Metamorphosis Newsletter 1 p4


 Dec 2019

"Afference is increasing its energy daily, you can feel it, the sun is brighter.   Everything is changing all around.   There’s a sense of eternal light not just the light of the sun, but eternal light.   Afference is moving into more and more a position of authority. The outcome of Afference doing this will be that the sun will become eternal light, I reckon about 2020....
If it does happen, we move away from Time and Space. We’ll live in another world altogether, another consciousness; clocks will become museum pieces. That’s the ultimate pattern, whenever it may happen, it may take much longer to happen. I don’t think it will though, because we’re getting rather near to the imminence of all this. That means that, not only will it be eternal daytime and light and energy, but we’ve got to learn to be capable of using, of becoming that energy. If you go out in really bright hot sunshine, you can’t stand it. You can’t put anything on to protect yourself from this energy. The energy is you. You have to experience your own ability, your creative ability to be able to face the conditions".

RSJ   Issue 50 p1


Nov 2019

There is another theme, another awareness pattern, which is just around the corner.....a greater fulfilment of the principle of Metamorphosis....But you have to practice with your whole consciousness.

RSJ   Irish Journal Issue 41 p25


Oct 2019

There is another theme which I'm pondering on.  This is still an Efferent structure, we're still using the hands.  There is an element where we use only the Afferent structure, which I haven't got to yet, so I don't quite know what it's going to be.  It's an attitude of mind which will be an absolute change, an absolute transmutation of the whole theme and there aren't any reactions.  That's the ideal anyway.

RSJ The Irish Journal issue 75 p25


Sept 2019

Life is something that has a potential of awareness, perceiving and knowing, not just the past, present and future, but of Space and Time and of infinity. The "knowledge" of the oneness of that which we knew before the creation of this planet and its duality is potentially our everyday awareness now.

RSJ  The Sphere


Aug 2019

All of the time that we are behaving in a completely mad way, it is because Afference is in authority. Afferent energy is functioning within us and within the Efferent structure. The Efferent structure is full of gunge................Afference's energy energises this gunge and makes it chaotic. This produces in us the inability to find a balance between either of the two within us. We can't believe, we can't create, we can't do anything without meeting up with this chaos. At least we can, that is what Metamorphosis is for. But the tendency in the world is that we can't. So the whole theme of Afference as a Creation, Efference as a response to the Creation,  is gradually coming back again.

RSJ Irish Journal issue 75 p13/14


July 2019

It was always God within the self and the action of life is the fulfilment of God. RSJ


May 2019

Tune into the consciousness of the moment in that moment. RSJ


April 2019

"There is more fear and stress in the idea of action than in the action itself.  Once we have come out from behind fear, and started upon action, action itself carries us along".
RSJ  Prenatal Therapy and the Retarded Child  p47
 March 2019

...we're changing from a believing mechanism or pattern of thought into a creating one......we're trying to find our own inner creative capacity...

RSJ Irish Journal issue 55 p10


Feb 2019

Possibly, Metamorphosis is a sort of meditation, but it is an active one, it is just getting on with the washing up and very little thought or application is necessary.......

RSJ Irish Journal issue 71 p21


Jan 2019

The ultimate with this theme is that we'll indigenously without thinking about it be in tune with pure Afference which means there is no falsity in our pattern and even if we do continue in a doctrine, a church for instance or something like that, the view will be from within the self and pure in that sense.

RSJ Irish Journal issue 48 p21


Dec 2018

In a healing crisis we are "doing" it ourselves; in an illness we are suffering from the effects of other sources. The one is positive and the other negative. 

RSJ  Hand Symbols  p21



Nov 2018

Afference is now a powerful creative force. Each of us has the potential of Afference and Efference to the degree to which we allow afference to function and replace the image.

RSJ from The Image in the "Introductory Articles"


Oct 2018

".....if we use metamorphosis we unhook ourselves from the pattern. But in the unhooking, we are causing the pattern to disappear and that is the clearing in time and space making the void, clearing the void because then we are the healer not only of ourselves, but of humankind. One person putting themselves into order in that way, if you think of the karmic or genetic or both, the number of people it goes through, millions and millions of them. One really basic change will change all those images..."

RSJ Irish Journal issue 68 p28


Sept 2018

"Where there is life there is an inner source of healing and change to the optimum state of being.  Metamorphosis brngs one's motive for the change of their troubles into the light of this inner source, and it is the light of life itself that produces change."

RSJ    The Irish Flyer


Aug 2018

Afference is at "home" at all points but Efference has succumbed to the depredations of the primary separation at the beginning of this planet, and the habit is still there.  It is only a habit and instantly and easily changeable, but Efference has a stubborn mind and can only be reborn, created by Afference and, seemingly, by the Creation Hand Symbol.

RSJ   Hand Symbols p14


July 2018

'If you look at the pattern of the body, you see the way in which there was a failure evolving, the evolution of mankind and what it's all about.  Now, introduce Metamorphosis and you will see the opposite of the devolution, we see the evolution of mankind, changing to becoming a creator rather than simply living for the sake of living.'

RSJ  Irish Journal Issue 43 p6 


June 2018

"The Creation Hand Symbol is a practical thing, the same as your car is, 
it gets you wherever you want to go."  

RSJ  The Irish Journal  issue 60 p13


May 2018

"That which we do for ourselves is fundamental and is of our own creation.  That which is done for us creates in us dependence and kills initiative and creativity".

RSJ  Irish Journal  Issue 31 p9


April 2018

"Creation exists for us to find a balance in this duality, to reach out into another realm for a little help, to return to this dualistic realm with a new ability"

RSJ Hand Symbols Booklet p15

March 2018

'The real crux of the matter is to prove that the circumstances of the present are more real than those of the past, in which we are unconsciously stuck. This work can do this in a very simple way.  It can loosen the pattern of the hold of the past on us, and it can introduce the reality of the present'.
Robert St. John  Prenatal Therapy and the Retarded Child  p 45


Feb 2018

"The Creation Hands Symbol creates an equality of opposites and functions outside the duality of this planet, outside the controlling, inhibiting influences of the mind."


Robert St. John   The Hand Symbols Book


Jan 2018

 "In actual fact, you can always swim with Metamorphosis metaphorically 
speaking, and the deep end is never so deep, it is not deep at all;  it is 
very superficial and very transient and it's not actually there at all.  In 
principal, you could wipe it away like that depending on your attitude.
In fact it gets simpler and simple I find from the point of view of 
knowing what you are about, it's rather fascinating in the end."

Robert St. John    Irish Journal issue 70 p16



Dec 2017

' You've got to find out for yourself and that goes for the whole of Metamorphosis. Don't listen to a word anybody says about the doctrine. Find your own principle in the whole thing. If you do - he says or she says this that or the other- then you're bowing to doctrine and you don't want to do that' 

RSJ The Irish Journal issue 59 p3 


Nov 2017

'Never accept anything as dogma. Allow the inner sense of knowledge to come forward in time and realise the answers for yourself'

Robert St. John, Metamorphosis, a textbook on Prenatal Therapy p5



Oct 2017

"We're still floundering and struggling to keep a balance and we can keep that balance which is what Metamorphosis is, we can keep it easily"

Robert St. John    The Irish Journal Issue 37 August 2005 (Bath Talk)


Sept 2017

“You are the divine consciousness in this Aquarian pattern and it’s not the hierarchy.  If you are au fait with the circumstances you’re in and around you and you’re actually creating the situation…. The whole purpose of life these days is that you find the guidance within yourself, nothing else.” 

Robert St. John   The Irish Journal issue 69  p10 & p15


Aug 2017

“Look again at the atom, a photon at the centre and electrons round the circumference.   In perfection the body of this sphere is space and there is perfect functioning and mental and physical health.   But, because Efference is as it is, this space is no longer a space but a mass of jumbled data, all of which is a thought creation of Efference, nothing real but everything seeming real.   Bring one little element of Afference into this and it disappears as if it had never existed.   This is Metamorphosis.”
from: METAMORPHOSIS INTRODUCTORY ARTICLESThe Functional Human -  Page 15 of the older version and Page 35 in updated version By Robert St John



 July 2017

" This new pattern is an Afferent one, and this means that it is the 
Afferently orientated people who are subject to it. This means that it 
is the Afferently orientated that are in the forefront of all this 
trouble. The indication is that it is Afference against Efference, not 
vengeance, but a restoring of the balance between the two, an overcoming 
of the imbalance caused by the formation of the IMAGE" 
Robert St.John  Introductory Articles (Now)
Chosen by Aileen Coughlan


June 2017

"...use Creation Hand Symbol till the cows come home and go on and on until you find yourself a bit more clear. It might take weeks in which case you don't do it all the time, you do it whenever you can. But you keep at it and sooner or later the whole image of life will  clarify and totally change and then the entire perspective we have in life is different and what we create."
Robert St. John    The Irish Journal Issue 68 p10


Chosen by Ann Crinion


May 2017

"Chaos is insidious but weak and it yields to strongly aware Afference.  The last thing that you need is the "wisdom" of the past, even that of yesterday contains this chaos and this breeds more chaos.  Turn to your inner self and know the answer, but never look back."  

Robert St. John, from the article Chaos and Life's Tragedies

Chosen by Liz Court




April 2017

'Now transmutation is our ability to lift the theme up, introduce the principle of Creation and they just cease to exist, that whole pattern, that Thought Pattern in Time and Space ceases to exist...In fact all the elements of the past are resolvable in that way and we're responsible in as much as we have any connection with it all....  No good asking God, 'Please make me a good boy', you have to be a good boy.

Irish Journal - Issue 57  p31 (Robert St. John)


March 2017


                The principle of Metamorphosis is based on what I call Afference and Efference.   Afference is the principle of pure consciousness, life itself, and is non-physical.  Efference is the substance of life, the physical substance and the “manifestation” of Afference.   Afference is the activator and Efference is the responder.  Afference is life itself and Efference, in its response, is the active fulfilment of life.  All of this is, of course, in perfection and is the aim and accomplishment of Metamorphosis.  In practice we tend to be out of tune with these two primary principles and our troubles and stresses in life are due to this.  Metamorphosis aims to re-establish this balance and restore harmony, but often not without a certain amount of disturbance – a “healing crisis” or the bringing of our former ailments and stresses up to the surface for dismissal. 

Although Metamorphosis started (in the middle 1950’s) as a physical application to “so called” reflexes in the feet, hands and head, it has become a more or less non-physical application of thought, but still through the fingers.

 Thought is the medium of consciousness and it is consciousness activating substance which is the principle of life. It is thought, through the medium of the hands and fingers which is the application of Metamorphosis.   This sounds terribly abstract and complicated, but it is very simple and easy to do.


Robert St. John



'Absolute Consciousness is Timeless but the mind is 'time'....the freeing of the mind of blocks is the freeing of the body of its malfunctions'

RSJ  Blue Book p51




'If you could bring pure Afference into your milk, it wouldn't go sour in any case because it would have life always present there...'
Robert St.John:   The Irish Journal, issue 66, p14
Sent in by Aileen Coughlan


"Every moment of life is this interchange of attention and response"  RSJ Introductory Articles:Afferent Creation 

Chosen by Cora Lavin


Nov. 2016

“At the present moment, we are moving our concept of life from Belief to Creation…we are learning within ourselves. This accounts for an awful lot of psychosis and real schizophrenia because we move backwards and forwards and we get upside down and so on”

Robert St.John     The Irish Journal issue 37 p 15-16
Chosen by Eithne O'Mahony


Oct. 2016

'I can observe all of these patterns in people; I can see the way people bounce, if you want.  I can see the picture.  That's what all this means.  You see, all this is an analysis of the structure of mankind, humankind.  It's not just Metamorphosis but it's what's behind Metamorphosis.  It's what makes Metamorphosis a theme, or a method, which resolves this problem, all these problems of the pattern of life'.


Robert St.John   Irish Journal no.44  p6


Chosen by Ann Crinion


Sept. 2016

'The art of creation is now our everyday activity. We can no longer expect an automatic response to our wish, we have to create it'

Afferent Creation:Introductory Articles

Sent in by Cora Lavin



August 2016

"Afference is now a powerful creative force. Each of us has the potential of Afference and Effence to the degree in which we allow Afference to function and replace the image."
The Image
Introductory Articles
Chosen by Aileen Coughlan


“”The mind is a subtle force which permeates the minds of others, and also is permeated by their minds.  We communicate through thoughts and feeling, and in this way communicate our true motivation, often at a level of consciousness that leaves us unaware of what we are doing.”

Prenatal Therapy and the Retarded Child pg 24

Chosen by Donna Armanasco

June 2016

"True function stems from the source of life in us, Consciousness, and this requires no symbology to bring it into use, but as long as we have blocks and inhibitions we require some form of symbology to help us function. Action requires consciousness and if we need an aid to arrive at that point then a symbol is necessary." 

Robert St. John   Reflexology 1993

Sent in by Anne Longley


May 2016

"The dream of life is tinged with fear."
"This is the heart level and the presentation as to how we "feel" in our heart about any moment of life.  Can we throw away the book of records and create according to the moment."

Robert St.John,  Attitudes: Idea

Sent in by Anne Longley



April 2016

"Creation requires motive and an objective viewpoint"

RSJ The Head p1

Chosen by Anita O'Brien



March 2016

"You know, Metamorphosis is not something that does something. It releases the inhibition in us, it enables us to find a balance in ourself and then we prove to be more intelligent than we thought we were".

Robert St. John
Irish Journal Issue 62, p8
Chosen by Anne Longley



" still and simply intend and that intention activates Efference..."

RSJ The Irish Journal Issue 60 p18

Chosen by Eithne O'Mahony



If you use any of the methods of the application of Metamorphosis, the "Motive" that you have, consciously or unconsciously is what controls the situation.  There are two factors that seem to control the situation - are you really "in tune" with your own consciousness or, alternatively, are you functioning in the "now"                                                                                                         

Consciousness     Can we be "in touch" with Consciousness (the Universal Source) or are we only in touch with consciousness (our own modified version).To be in touch with Consciousness not having any attachment to the past (or the future) This is what we are aiming at, but by "aiming" we will fail because we are using the mind, a mechanism designed for sensual or Mother Earth function. It can only be accomplished by "Being"

 Now    We cannot function in "Now" by trying to do so. Nor can we use determination or will power, these are products of the mind, it has to be  "Being".
Robert St. John   The Blue Book    page 40
Chosen by Ann Crinion




"All our life we have this absolutely primary concept of this Oneness very deeply in our unconscious and all the time we're motivated by that oneness"

RSJ The Irish Journal, issue 37 p5

Chosen by Aileen Coughlan


Nov. 2015

“ The freeing of the mind of blocks is the freeing of the body of its malfunctions”

RSJ, The Blue Book p51

Chosen by Margaret Van Meer


Oct. 2015

"The Aquarian Pattern is spherical...

Communication is Afferent; lack of communication is Efferent and, in this case, it is the Efferent pushing away  the function of the Afferent that causes the lack of communication. Here any need of the function of the Afferent produces panic, anger, anxiety and stress"
Robert St.John, The Blue Book p41
Chosen by Margaret Boland

Sept. 2015

"When this new pattern started in 1988 or virtually 1962, we were asked, as it were, to pull our socks up and get on with the washing-up...We were asked to get on with all of this and to me, it's been a daily, minute-by-minute process of challenge the whole time".

Robert St. John
Irish Journal issue 50, p7

Chosen by Ann Crinion


August 2015

"All illnesses, particularly 'flu', are an inversion of the normal flow of life. This inversion takes place because of the continual necessity to function in a state of blockage and stress......Don't try to act, to do things, tune into the positive and let the action take place."
The Blue Book, Robert St. John, p.10/11
Sent in by Deirdre McCarthy


July 2015

"Total acceptance is the art of healing"

RSJ The Blue Book p21. Chosen by Kathleen Naughton



June 2015

"All we need to know is that we are the light of Consciousness and this is the manifestation of our creativity"

RSJ, Irish Journal, May 2013, Issue 57. Chosen by Miriam Conway


May 2015

"You see Afference, at the moment, is sitting up there....if you want to look at it from that point of view, radiating pure energy, the energy of life itself. It’s becoming more and more powerful and the more powerful it is the more we're feeling stirred up by it. Some people very very badly and disturbingly, to murder, to rape and all that sort of thing, some people to commit suicide and so on, some people to using it creatively. But we're not doing awfully well; we're doing moderately, only moderately. We've got to do vastly better because it's going to increase enormously. Now the logical end of Afference's manifestation is that the Sun disappears and becomes eternal light, that’s a tall order isn't it? That's a logical conclusion and Afference is in orbit as it were, it's in the principle of our lives, its radiating energy, the energy of life. Efference is doing not badly but needing an awful lot of prodding and so on to get it on the move. The process of change is advancing enormously fast and it’s up to us to keep up with it."

Robert St John
Irish Journal Issue 45, p2

Sent in by Robin Mortlock


April 2015

"Polarity is our attunement in life; we can be "in tune" or "out of tune", just like a piano.  If we are in tune, we are directing, in various ways, our thoughts and our attitude of mind towards the source of life; a positive and constructive situation which tends to make a relatively creative pattern of life.
Taken from "Create a Life - Don't endure it"
Sent in by Helen Lynch


March 2015

"I think we're going to move into a much more serene pattern of life but we've got to do something about it, that's what Metamorphosis is for, to introduce an ability to be our own creator, to be responsible for everything.  Don't rush to hospital every time you cut your finger, you just suck it and see..."

From The Irish Journal, January 2013, Issue 56 p8

February 2015
“My view of the beginning of time is an esoteric thing,…but in Efference’s takeover bid to take over the Afferent principle of creation; Efference created…divided the theme of life into 10 different principles or 10 different sections, each of which became a different way of thinking, a different nationality, a different religion, a different philosophy and so on, a different language too and so we get the territorial differences. All it means is, rather like the United Nations business of Europe, get them all together…”
From The Irish Journal, January 2015, Issue 62 p13
Sent in by Cora Lavin

January 2015

"Consciousness is always present and available within us and a reference to it will always affect a change in the pattern of whatever is in the structure of the mind at the moment, provides us with a source of energy and guidance which is the principle of God himself."…

“Metamorphosis uses many symbols like the spinal reflexes on the Feet, Hands, Head and also the Hand Symbols. Afference and Efference are word symbols, Afference meaning Consciousness and Efference matter, the two are one and essential to each other. The separation of these essential elements – no longer has to have a controlling effect on our lives. We can now do something to erase it, Metamorphosis.   “Quotes from Robert St John”


December 2014

"If we consider the creation of "imagery" we see that all theology, all reference to "God",  all esoteric thought, meditation, prayer and all forms of inspirational though belong to this creation.   Everything, in fact, which is from an outside source, rather than our own inner realisation and perception.   This is a rather sweeping and, possibly, devastating concept because we are not raised, educated or taught in this way."

‘Lemuria’ - from “Introductory Articles” sent in by Norrie 


November 2014

"The Efferent solves the problems of life by talking and mental manipulation, and the Afferent solves it by action from the inner self."  “The Blue Book” page 19   Sent by Lis Court 


October 2014

"If we could function from our own centre of consciousness the block ceases to exist because it is only a product of thought, and if the block ceases to exist we "become" our own centre of consciousness and function accordingly".(Full text of this article is available on:

 ‘The Metamorphosis Centre’ by Robert St John sent in by Deirdre McCarthy


September 2014

“There’s a sense of eternal light not just the light of the sun, but eternal light.”

Quote from The Irish Journal Issue 50 page 1 Sent in by Kathleen Noughton.  


August 2014

 “We are rapidly bringing our own Affrent and Efferent structure into a Oneness. When it becomes a real Oneness then perhaps we will switch to being not Afference and Efference, two attributes but pure Afference, pure Consciousness with a capacity to create pure Efference as it needs it, thats a bit of a tall order.”

The Irish Journal issue 57 May 18 and19

Sent in by Paula O’Connor 


JULY 2014

 "One of the most “far out” concepts of Metamorphosis is "Creation".  Creation brings a balance of mind, of unconscious aspects that we know little or nothing about.  Quote from Metamorphosis News 2 - If Afference fails to create it is because there is something there in the way, a "block", a "memory" out of the past.  But if Afference just "Creates", it over-rules this block and by this act it becomes a Creator.  This is metamorphosis.

Quote from Metamorphosis News 2 and 3 -  Sent in by Catherine Maroney 



June 2014

“We don’t necessary think about the symptom, although it's usually a symptom that brings up our desire to use the CHS,(Creation Hand Symbol) a symptom or an attitude of mind,well an attitude of mind is a symptom, an anxiety or a compulsiveness or a habit or whatever we want to call it, whatever it may be. This brings balance and in that balance we find the ability to transmute the problem. That’s all.” sent in by Aileen Coughlan

The Irish Journal Issue 37 page 32



May 2014
Referring to RESPONSIBILITY Quote:            
                                                                                                                                                                        What I think is one of the most important attitudes in this work- the sense of responsibility that we have for our life. There is still the attitude that it's a terrible world and I’m miserable mortal and I am badly done by. It is a terrible world and we obviously are mortal but we've got the power within us especially with Metamorphosis to put things right... always look to yourself for reasons. And this applies between you and your partner, your spouse, your whoever it may be, and other people, your boss, your employees and all the rest of it. And never say "Oh that person is terrible ". Take the responsibility for yourself because if you alter yourself within, you will create a different impression... Just get on with it; something. I mean this creation hand symbol does the trick... " The Irish Journal issue 44  Sent by Ann Crinion
April 2014 
 As much as Efference is trying to hold on our Afference is now our strength and our potential creating in action.
                                                                                                                                    Sent in by Yvonne

March 2014 
 “To be a Creator forget you are you, and that you want to create: to want to create is to fail in creation; to want is to be a receiver of creation.  Creation must “come out” because that is its nature.  True, Creation needs an element in which to create: but a creator is surrounded by this element, in fact, a Creator creates this element.  The very act of creation creates.  Efference is the creation of Afference.  To be a Creator Afference does not need Efference to be there, Afference just creates.”
Excerpt from article “To Create” from News Letter 3 Robert St. John -  sent in by Donna


 February 2014 

RSJ:...we don't use more than one thousandth part of our beingness, our Consciousness and its quite easy to use it once we clear up the debris but as long as we're holding on to the past we're not living in the present and all that Metamorphosis is doing is unhooking the past, the debris we're holding onto out of the distant past.  Its very real, all that distant past.

Its built into us physically in the genes so every cell in our body contains the genetic pattern and all the disasters of the past that are in the genetic pattern.  All we've got to do is undo them.  Its extraordinary how we can clear that pattern away and it becomes very physical.

Quote chosen by Anna Young Quote from:  The Irish Metamorphosis Journal by Robert St John


        Issue 40   September 2006 Page 16


January 2014 

THE CONCEPTUAL PATTERN by Robert St John Oct.1979                    

It is the absoluteness of consciousness that makes the recreation.  We don’t even have to think about it. The very turning on of the light of consciousness or the contacting of the light of consciousness alters the entire concept of everything that has happened since then, so we alter every aspect of our lives, if we let it happen. It is very easy not to let it happen; very easy not to allow change to take place. If we have strong motives, strong desires or habits or whatever else it may be, we can refuse to allow those to move away, as it were, and we just hold onto the old pattern … so we tend to have to continue for a while to persist in the reference as it were, to that prime moment, that first moment.  sent in by Carmel Cremin


 December 2013

"I don't see real doom and disaster, I see a recreation, quite a big change for everybody but the principle Afference, the light of Consciousness is a controlling influence which presents its purpose and Efference responds to that presentation, that's the ideal but Efference is a bit full of all the chaos.   But one little bit, one soupcon of an Afferent principle presented to Efference can clear millions of years of stress patterns that have been built up and we're managing that."  

Robert St. John quote from The Irish Journal May 2013 Issue 57 page 24 sent in by Norrie

Nov. 2013
  ‘Metamorphosis is a means of reeducating the unconscious mind and of eliminating deeply seated influences of genetic, karmic and other sources.  Based on the ancient system of reflexes we use those of the feet, hands and head as well as the more abstract hand symbol to gain access to the patterns formed by the prenatal conditioning.  Metamorphosis enables the student to contact these primary conditioning factors and to effect changes which finally eliminate the abnormalities.’
 Robert St. John      --     sent from Mary De Brun
 October 2013
Question: Its the stuckness of operating the old Efferent patterns we're talking about?
RSJ: Yes. You see this is all that Metamorphosis is, how to make this changeover. This is why Metamorphosis arrived on the planet at the time when it did about 50 years ago because we were beginning to need to make a change for survival purposes. Metamorphosis does give us that potential, and its not therapeutic its expediency.  Its using our own inner qualities to help ourselves to get into decent order, to function properly.  

 Quote from The Irish Journal. Issue 57 Page 19 sent in by Deirdre McCarthy.


'Now transmutation is our ability to lift the theme up, introduce the principle of Creation and they just cease to exist, that whole pattern, that Thought Pattern in Time and Space ceases to fact all the elements of the past are resolvable in that way and we're responsible in as much as we have any connection with it all.  No good asking God, 'Please make me a good boy', you have to be a good boy.


 Metamorphosis journal - Issue 57 page 31 (Robert St. John) sent in by Anita

AUGUST 2013 

“In fact it’s the principle of the thing itself because you can create within yourself the whole Oneness of love and that’s you’re responsibility in life. You see Metamorphosis is so as that you can live life creatively and successfully.  That’s all and if you do that, you don’t have illnesses.  You only create illnesses by all the complexes and stresses in your mind.”

 Quote from Robert St John taken from ‘The Irish Journal’ Oct. 2008 issue 45 submitted by Ann Morrison


 JULY 2013

''... all that reduced Afference to an inactive cypher, and which enabled Efference to form the IMAGE, is now conquered in most people. In those who have great stress and inhibitions in their lives, this change is not functioning, they are subject to the former patterns of lack of balance between Afference and Efference. But those who are in the new pattern of events find themselves in the invidious position of a newly found strength which is potential , potential to their ability to enter into the principle of CREATION, which is the whole power of Afference in action.''

  From the article “NOW” in THE INTRODUCTORY ARTICLES submitted by Ann Crinion

 JUNE 2013 monthly email

"This life in us is a curious thing; when we have not got it we are dead; when we have got it we are alive, we are alive in various degrees according to the amount that we have it. When we have got it we are conscious and when we haven't got it we choose to be conscious. Can we call this element “Consciousness"?...

Robert St John - The Blue Book, page 70 - submitted by Cora

 MAY 2013

 The Metamorphosis Hand Symbols book, page 14: “CREATION HAND SYMBOL"

"Creation" is used to balance Afference and Efference, to introduce an equality of values between them.  It is not therapeutic, it does not perform healing or change; it balances and gives one a chance to get on with life, a chance to bring into use the Afferent and Efferent functions and, by doing so, to effect a change in their relationship which, by usage, becomes a healing process.



 APRIL 2013

"Although Metamorphosis is an attitude of mind and very simple to use, we have been indoctrinated over the centuries by structures of thought in religion, philosophy and education in such a way that our ability to think and function from the level of thought is tied to these same structures and we are not free to 'think' from our own inner intelligence. We need some ritual to 'unthink' this structure. That, in principle, is what Metamorphosis is. What physical practice there is in Metamorphosis is a symbol for the mind to change all of the indoctrination of the past and to 'become' the present.”

Robert St John

 March 2013 monthly email:

 “...These seven points or “reflexes” in the spine reveal the entire nature of our lives, our mental and physical stresses and illnesses, our attitudes of mind towards ourselves and others, and any application of “thought”, as in Metamorphosis, in any form, eventually resolves the patterns, disconnects us from the genetic and karmic patterns and, by doing this, releases all that they have created during our lives.”  
Robert St.John


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