The moment of conception is the true beginning of the life of the subject. It is also the beginning of Time for that person. In the realm of the "Thought Patterns of Time and Space" there is no time, as we understand it; it is a thought structure and has no physical reality. Physical reality begins at conception; the sense of Space and Time also begins here. Time and Space cease to exist in as much as Afference and Efference are separate; when they are one, Time and Space cease to exist for the subject - all is just the moment. Conception receives the genetic influence on a physical level and, also, on a non-physical level, the influences of the karmic pattern are received.


The keynote of conception is the beginning and the gathering together of and everything that has any relationship to this beginning. A beginning is physically real; other factors that belong to this beginning, such as, for instance, ones grandmother, have their contributory influence. Other factors, which are not real in the physical sense also come in from the records of Time and Space and influence the situation.

The factors which, influence this moment of time, the beginning, are, quite obviously, the sperm and the ovum, in both of these are genes which bring their contribution from the mother and the father to the beginning of our subject, related to the mother and the father are an endless number of relatives in the blood line, an inheritance which goes back to the beginning of Time on this planet. Because all of these relatives were live beings they also had a relationship with karmic patterns. The thought structure of a being who dies remains in Time and Space and creates what we know as karma.

Karma is the non-physical structure of the patterns of the past; genetics is the physical structure of the patterns of the past. They are related in as much as in their own time they had been together and that this "togetherness" influences the life of our subject. The karmic pattern arrives at the moment of conception through the medium of the pineal and pituitary: the genes arrive through the medium of the sperm and ovum. The fact that the parents live together may be married or it may be a casual meeting which, proves to be the beginning of our subject all adds to the pattern of the immediate history of the subject. All the factors of his origin are influencing to this moment of conception. But there are really only two influences, which have any real, conditioning factors and those are the karmic and genetic patterns. The whole theme of Metamorphosis is that these influences are rather like a mosquito who bites one - it is not necessary to let happen and if it does happen one can get rid of the offending influence.

Robert St.John


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